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5 Ways to Use Webcasting for Events and Conferences

If you want to maximize the capabilities of webcasting and live streaming then you’ve got to know the different ways that it can be used. There are countless ways that webcasting can be beneficially implemented by businesses and/or events, including: keynote speaker addresses, conference presentations, breakout sessions/conference tracks, trade show announcements, and even post conference follow-ups. After reading this article, you should be better informed on the ways that you could utilize webcasting to your advantage.

  • Keynote Speaker Address

    Keynote addresses are huge, meant to communicate core ideas and values to the audience and produce enthusiasm for the company or organization’s message, the overall tone of an event, or exciting announcements (think of Apple’s highly-anticipated addresses.) Webcasting can help you achieve that goal with greater effectiveness and scope. Because webcasting is via the Internet, this opens up a worldwide audience to your address, who will be eagerly listening in and participating through the online community. Not only does this open up doors for potential audience members, but it also provides greater flexibility for the speakers, as they could deliver an address from virtually anywhere and be seen and heard by the event attendees (both physical and virtual), thus maximizing keynote success and diminishing schedule problems. Webcasting could revolutionize a keynote address for your organization’s event, and on throughout the entire event.

  • Conference Presentation

    Once a keynote address is given, your audience is jazzed about your company and/or event, but usually there’s still more to come. Webcasting will play a huge role in any conference presentation. Not only will online audiences be able to watch the unfolding event, but they will also be able to participate through online chatting, Q-and-A, audience polling, and more. This will make conferences more accessible and less expensive for attendees by cutting back on travel costs and allowing people to attend from wherever they can get an Internet connection. While there are still huge perks to being at an event live and in person, this will increase your event’s coverage and extend the amount of people you are able to reach. Conference presentations are just one way that webcasting is able to help you make the most of your event.

  • Breakout Sessions/Conference Tracks

    You might think that an event’s online audience would be excluded from joining in on breakout sessions, or different conference tracks, but this too is within the range of possibilities that are presented through webcasting. All it takes is camera nearby in order to provide the web-stream crowd with access to any breakout session or extra feature at the conference/event.

  • Trade Show Announcements

    Normally, tradeshows are limited in who they can reach to those who can be physically in attendance. This means that many who are unsure whether they are interested in your products or services, do not attend. Travel costs and other factors keep them away. By providing webcasting you have an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate your trade wares to the world, and then direct them to where they can purchase what you have to offer, all with the click of a mouse.

  • Post Conference Follow-ups

    Even after a conference is over webcasting equips you with a way to follow-up with attendees, provide them with supplemental resources, as well as direct them to new info, coming events, and related products. This means that you are able to continue the event or conference long after the scheduled date is over, and those who attended in person have gone home. You can post pictures, videos, articles and requested material onto the event’s site – even host a second online event if you needed to. The sky is the limit.

Webcasting has the power to expand the horizons of any event. We’ve looked at the incredible opportunities that this technology opens up. Whether you are thinking about streaming a keynote address, a conference presentation, breakout session or conference track, or trade show, and how webcasting even creates an opportunity to expand your options beyond the actual event through post conference follow-ups. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg! Even utilizing just one of these ways to use webcasting would transform your event or conference, and heighten its success beyond your imagination!

e3 Webcasting, LLC., will manage all aspects of production for your live event webcast so that you can focus on what’s important, “your event’s message”. Our professional webcasting crew will provide you with a single point of contact for live webcasting and streaming production. We will work with you, as well as for you, to execute an effectively successful live webcast event.

For more information regarding the streaming services provided by e3 Webcasting or to speak with a representative, please contact us or give us a call at 888-695-2396.

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