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Can Your Smartphone Stream That Video?

Rapidly exceeding the popularity associated with traditional mobile phone models, smartphones will be the fastest growing cellular market sector in the western world. Growing out of PDA (personal digital assistant) technologies, smartphones combine personalized organizational capabilities along with full media capabilities and communications technologies. As cellular companies such as Verizon wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T / Cingular continually expand their particular network coverage and boost the speed of their data services, so too have developers leaped to produce useful apps for downloading to your smartphone devices.

Full HTML5 Web Browsing is Coming

Even though more advanced models of classic mobile phone models offered limited browsing on the World wide web, modern smartphones provide full rendering of HTML5 websites, enabling you to browse the internet as you would on your desktop computer. Browsing functions vary depending on your model of smartphone, however in most cases, scrolling can be accomplished by swiping your index finger across the screen and clicking links by tapping the touchscreen.

Online Video Streaming

Along with bigger displays and sharper resolutions, the latest smartphone designs are getting better at streaming online video footage and purchasing movies from web based vendors like Netflix. Due to faster cellular networks, touch screen phones are designed for streaming both HTML5 as well as Flash video, enabling you to view videos on sites such as, Facebook and Furthermore, mobile phones such as the iPhone as well as Android enable you to upload video from your smartphone utilizing USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Along with many other features such as GPS Navigation, and third-party apps, smartphones are dominating the mobile phone industry.

With the proliferation of the smart phone, everyone now has a TV / video player in their pocket. Contact e3 Webcasting at (888) 695-2396 to make sure your next event streams effortlessly on all mobile devices.

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