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7 Ways Your Next Event Can Utilize Video

Video can be a good way to keep the energy of an event going. Following are some fun ways to use video. If implemented in a strategic way to support your event, these can be great.

1. Event Marketing — Utilize a short promo video to increase event attendance. Understanding that the best time to generate an advertising and marketing video clip for your next event is during your current event, will the production off to a good start. A good option for acquiring footage for your promo video is the local CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) and the venue where you are holding the event.

2. Walk-In Loop — To run on the big screen while people are walking-in and finding their seat. For instance, let’s say you’ve secured several sponsors for your event, in which case you can create a short video loop of all the sponsor’s logos (this is a great way to encourage sponsors). You also run short comments, like quotes to reinforce the event branding.

3. Lead-in or Intro Video — You can kick-off the annual sales convention or even internal company events by creating videos that have a narrative story line or even “skit” including important members of the management team. Or you could produce a video for the event to introduce or invigorate the company’s mission, vision and goals. Yet again, keep in mind that your target audience should be entertained as well as educated, edu-tainment is vital to keeping them engaged.

4. Transitional Elements — Launching the event with a video can provide a seamless segue into the program without the need for long speeches from uncharismatic business leaders. If you happen to be special event like an awards show or banquet, consider utilizing videos to introduce the honorees. This can again, side-step the need for prolonged introductions or speeches, increasing the energy of your program and providing an opportunity to highlight the particular honoree more effectively.

5. Virtual Presenters — Quite often, you will find there are key individuals you need to have at the conference or meeting, but for whatever reason they can’t make it. For instance, if you’re conducting a number of meetings around the country on the same day, you could create a video of your CEO and play the video at each location. Another option would be to use Skype to avoid scheduling conflicts and enable a speaker to deliver their presentation virtually.

6. Re-Engage Your Audience — Based on the length of your event, you can use video to re-energize and refocus the audience. By way of example, if your program is an all-day workshop or even a multi-day event, creating a fun video to roll into a break tends to perform effectively. For shorter format events like an awards program, you could use a “man on the street” or “impromptu focus group” videos to interject fresh ideas and opinions.

7. Art or Décor — The proliferation of smaller projectors used in tandem with DVD’s have made it possible to use video like you would wall treatments or art — although slightly more expensive, nevertheless the visual impact can be huge. As an alternative to investing in standard foam-core signs which in turn doesn’t usually generate much attention from the audience, video enables you to convey a consistent, engaging and effective message.

As you can see there are many ways to include video in your next event. Please comment below to share how you have used video in one of you recent events.

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