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What Is A Webcast?

Webcasting utilizes the world wide web to be able to broadcast live or previously recorded video (sometimes just audio) transmissions, similar to how traditional television networks and radio stations broadcast programming. For instance, institution of higher learning may offer on-line training where in the instructor webcasts pre-recorded or perhaps live training sessions or an corporation might webcast a press conference in lieu of or in addition to a conference call. Viewers can typically participate in the online event by using a web browser like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

A webcast multi-media presentation transmitted/distributed on the internet utilizing streaming media technologies in order to distribute content from one source of origin to many simultaneous viewers/listeners, making the content accessible| by computer, smartphone, tablet, or web enabled TV. Even-though it refers to linear non-interactive streams, a conference may be broadcast either live (for viewing immediately) or as video-on-demand (for viewing at a later time). The actual applications employed for webcasting are designed so the audience has an uninterrupted viewing experience.

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