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Video Has the Best ROI

Every conference organizer and event planner thinks about ROI (return on investment); understandably, they care about turning $1 into $2 (or $20). Fantastic! The good news is 83% of businesses report seeing an ROI with video. Not only that, most marketers agree that video content generates a higher ROI than all other types of content.

With 71% of consumers watching more video online than a year ago, brands can no longer ignore its growing popularity. Thankfully, creating great content has never been easier! Just call the Event Video Experts at e3 Webcasting, we have several levers we can pull to increase attendance, revenue, and the ROI at your event. We love events + video and the convergence of the two. We would be honored to live stream webcast your event, record your speaker sessions, film influencer interviews, capture your community member spotlight videos, and create a highlight reel that showcases your event experience and sponsorship opportunities. We can be reached at 1-888-695-2396 or email us at

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