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e3 Webcasting

specializes in capturing and streaming live as well as recorded webcasts of live events, conferences, meetings, conventions, seminars, presentations, demonstrations, keynote speeches, AGMs, corporate and business briefings, as well as training and education workshops and classes for immediate viewing from any geographic location with high speed broadband internet access. The webcasts are viewed with a standard internet browser without having to install any specialized software application. Our scalable Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures a smooth and seamless webcast delivery for geographically dispersed audiences which can range from simply a few handful, to an audience of many thousands of viewers.

Live Event & Conference Webcasting

Generate maximum ROI from conferences, break-out sessions and seminars by making the presentations available on the web for those people unable to attend in person. Enabling associates with limited time as well as those with limited travel budgets to attend online via the internet. At the same time, creating a digital archive of the event, which provides a valuable reference point for the future. Making it possible for online viewers to interact with the presenters and speakers through real-time Q&A utilizing online social media tools. Gain further revenue streams by adding sponsorship branding to event webcasts along with pay-per-view access. Access to webcasts can be secured with password protected accounts.

Corporate Investor Relations Webcasting

Enhance investor relations by simply webcasting AGMs, quarterly results announcements, press releases, along with corporate briefings to institutional investors, analysts, and stock portfolio managers. Real-time PowerPoint slide synchronization assures market-sensitive details are only unveiled at the appropriate moment. Enable online viewers to interact together with the presenters via Q&A. Password protected webcasts ensure secure access to privileged data. Develop presentation archives of the webcasts on both the company intranet and website. Measure the webcast’s impact with detailed viewership analytics reporting.

Training & Professional Development Webcasting

Help to make corporate training budgets extend further by simply recording training seminars, workshops, classes and tutorials once for repeated delivery via online webcasts by means of corporate intranets and elearning portals. Our webcasting production method is ideal for rapidly deploying high-quality education and training content material including written material such as manuals and process documents for recorded video-on-demand learning without having to make use of time-consuming and expensive post-production editing. Including features like closed captions, quizzes and detailed employee learning reports complete with spiff programs to build morale. Develop a library of digital training webcast archives to create a valuable reference resources that can be combined with Course Management System’s (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System’s (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to dramatically improve learning outcomes, that are backed with detailed analytics. Password protected webcasts ensure secure access to company trade secrets and business processes.

Video-On-Demand Hosting & Management

Reduce your costs by commissioning us to manage your digital media assets. We break the SharePoint tyranny by developing branded web portals that seamlessly integrate with corporate standards and provide quick, searchable, convenient access to the digital library of webcast archives and assets. Our web standards compliant webcast delivery platform ensures content can be displayed on all preferred devices including:PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch as well as Android-based mobile devices. Measure the viewership of the library of webcasts via detailed analytic reports.

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