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What if you could have accessed vital information about a biotech industry hijacking of American foods and agriculture – information that could change the way you think, eat, shop, and vote – all from the comfort of your home? Well, for one night in the middle of last month, you could have. That is, e3 Webcasting live streamed a talk given by author, activist, and filmmaker Jeffrey M. Smith put on by GMO-Free Jackson County and sponsored by the Ashland Food Co-op and Project Rogue Valley via the GMO-Free Live website.

Smith’s talk dealt with the terribly adverse effects of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) on the health of human beings, the soil of our farms, and the threat to the very freedoms of our nation posed by monopolistic GMO-promoting companies like Monsanto and Syngenta. His books and recent film, titled “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives,” join a long line of films and books, such as the Academy Award Nominated documentary “Food, Inc.” and agricultural reformer Joel Salatin’s book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” in sounding a warning against GMOs.

This issue is one that involves a wide range of people from various age groups, walks of life, and political persuasions. From concerned conservatives to the liberal “foodies” of the organic movement, from farmers to scientists to health fanatics, GMOs have become a hot-button topic of discussion and debate. Jeffrey Smith spoke to an auditorium full of Southern Oregon residents, some of them die-hard supporters of Project Rogue Valley already, and others, perhaps, merely curious about the controversy surrounding GMOs, and which has been raging since their introduction. That night represented the efforts of a grassroots movement from the local area, and Smith was practically a celebrity there. He was able to bring his knowledge of the issue to bear; knowledge gained from extensive research, writing, and leadership around to the world. He has worked hard to educate citizens, empower activists, and influence legislators. He spent the night citing facts and data, exposing the destructive track record of GMO’s in our nation and globally. He made a strong case for attaining the status of “GMO-free” for Jackson County, as well as for other initiatives such as California’s Prop 37, a bill requiring GMO products to be labeled, which is currently being battled out in the Golden State. His talk was persuasive, despite the marketing and the political spin created by the GMO manufacturers. As second U.S. President John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of the facts and evidence.”

Wherever you come down on this particular issue, webcasting events such as these can help spread awareness, and bring in a wider audience then those already committed or curious enough to attend in person. There are many causes like GMO-Free Jackson County that need to broadcast their message to American citizens, or even to worldwide audiences. Live streaming could be the key to disseminating critical information and starting a movement. That’s what e3 is all about: changing the world, one webcast at a time…

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