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Front End Ops Conf Live Stream Webcast

Webcasting from San Francisco, California, Front End Ops Conf hosted by Sauce Labs

Front End Operations is an emerging discipline in web application development and engineering. Front End Ops Conf was a 2-day conference dedicated to this new regimen. e3 Webcasting was honored to film and live stream webcast the sold out conference to the global online community. The conference explored new ideas on topics such as; test automation and application monitoring. Attendees heard first hand about the latest tools for deployment and monitoring from the devs who are using them daily.

Held at the Terra Gallery, which is located in San Francisco’s SOMA district, the venue was spacious and open with an abundance of natural light on both floors. Sauce Labs VP of Engineering, Adam Christian, opened the conference by laying out the FEOpsConf vision for the next 2 days. Next up was Alex Sexton, Conference co-chair and Product engineer at Stripe. Alex gave the first Keynote – “Front End Operations”. Following Alex was Seth Walker, from Etsy, and then Sarah Goff-Dupont, from Atlassian. At this point the live stream webcast viewers outnumbered the attendees present at the conference. By the end of the day, Thursday, the live stream webcast had been viewed by just under 1,200 viewers.

As with most conferences, there was a wealth of amazing information being presented. To keep the crowd going, Rackspace provided ample amounts of caffeine via Ritual Coffee, who set-up a temporary coffee shop on the lower level. The e3 Webcasting crew was very grateful for the delicious coffee that helped keep us alert and focused.

Bertrand Fan, from Flickr’s talk on “Rebooting Flickr On A Node.js Stack, One Page At A Time” walked the audience through the transition to the Node.js stack, presenting a fun, interactive graphic of all the Flickr code commits over the years.

As Sebastian Golasch, from Deutsche Telekom, (which owns T-Mobile) presented his talk, “The Glitch In The Game”, the California Style Sheet Pirate and a couple other video game characters worked together to solve the glitch.

On Friday, Mikeal Rogers, from DigitalOcean, gave a talk on “The Rise of Front End Tooling”. Mikeal used Perspective from Pixxa to present some fun data on Front End Tooling.

The Front End Ops Conf was an incredible conference with speakers ranging from Google Chrome, Lonely Planet, Atlassian, Deutsche Telekom and GitHub. If you missed the conference or you missed the live stream webcast of the conference, you can watch all the session videos on the Front End Ops Conf website. See you next year at the conference or online.

F-E Ops Conf 2014 411

If you’d like to learn more about the Front End Ops Conf or would like to attend the conference in the future, you can find out more by visiting the conference website or following them on Twitter:
Website: F-E Ops Conf
Twitter: @FEOpsConf
Conference Videos On Demand: F-E Ops Conf 2014 YouTube Channel

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