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Event Production Checklist

As a webcast producer and marketing professional, it’s practically impossible for me to be at an event or conference, without studying and analyzing the production. I check out the screen placement, stage design and lighting. All the while thinking, “Wow, how did they achieve that special effect, it’s really working well. I’m going to try that at our next event.”

Recently I was brainstorming an event with a client and made a note of the following steps to create an engaging event even if you don’t have a huge budget. It cannot be emphasized enough, that your event, conference, gala, or awards show is really a presentation as well as a marketing event. In everything you do, you will be delivering a message(s) to your audience. An event that is well produced, will make all the difference in whether or not you accomplishing your desired results or not.

1. Work with an Event Producer, not simply an AV provider. A great Event Producer collaborates with you on the branding and communications strategy for the event. They will know how to counsel you on your agenda, the best pacing and flow to keep your audience engaged.

2. When you have a long list of awards to present, break it down into smaller, more compact lists. If the list is too prolonged, you are going to lose your audience. They are going to start to talk with others nearby as well as check their email Smartphones.

3. Sponsorship loops — if your conference has sponsors, be sure to give them as much exposure and screen time as possible. A straightforward logo loop is oftentimes all that’s necessary. Play it throughout the event during walk-in as well as during the break for lunch. Your sponsors will love it and may sponsor your next event.

4. Music selection can make or break an event. The ambiance fills the dead air space in the room or hall. When effectively selected, the right music track will help maintain the pace as well as increase the energy in the room.

5. Announcer VO — The announcer is usually live, but sometimes can prerecorded. Combine a powerful announcer with a great music track along with supporting visuals and you will have elevated the production value of the event.

6. Sound systems and the right audio set-up can be pricey, however it can make a whole world of difference particularly with a very social audience. When the audio is muffled or perhaps the loudspeakers are not positioned in the optimal position, the audience might loose interest simply because they won’t be able to hear well.

7. Visuals and PowerPoint — Be careful not to crowd the slides and to provide people their moment in the spotlight. If you are honoring individuals, give them their very own slide and maybe try to include their company’s logo. They’ll love you for the branding as well as the marketing opportunity. Remember to keep the slides simple and straightforward! Less is always more.

8. IMAG & Video — IMAG is an abbreviation for Image Magnification. To put it simply, it is what is referred to as projecting the speaker onto the big screens on either side of the stage. Done correctly IMAG is not inexpensive. Every detail matters, such as camera type, camera operators, the director to live switch the cameras along with the lighting effects. If the stage is not lit properly the presenters may appear like they are lost in a sea of ink.

I think you’ll discover these quick tips to be very beneficial. Not all of them inexpensive to put into action, bear in mind your event, conference or meeting will have a direct impact on your brand and organization’s image. In the end, it is after all, a presentation.

Having a great support team to back you up with the event production and messaging will make a huge difference between accomplishing your desired results and outcomes. There are plates spinning during a live event and having someone who is at helm directing and producing the program will make an enormous difference.

Please share your own event production checklist remarks below.

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