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New technology always leads to expansion. It could be a physical expansion such as national borders or agrarian production and industry, it could be intellectual: an expansion of culture, literacy and ideas. The roads built by the Roman Empire made possible the swift movement legions of soldiers, to their political and military advantage, but it also led to the proliferation of the Christian gospel, which proved to be their ideological undoing. A brief look at the history of invention and innovation, from the printing press to the internet, from the telegraph to the smart phone, from the cotton gin to modern farming machinery, the roads of Rome to the automobiles of Henry Ford, Galileo’s telescope to landing a man on the moon, and so on, technological advancement has led to possibilities that previous generations did not have. We now live in a world where technology surrounds us, and the tools we need to advance in business, communication, or any other pursuit, are literally at our fingertips. Here are e3 Webcasting, one such portal into new and exciting possibilities is live video streaming, we like to call it e3 streaming video.

For instance: my family is involved in a speech and debate league for homeschoolers. Recently, when my brothers competed in an out-of-state tournament, those of us still at home crowded around my mother’s iPhone as we listened to the award ceremony by means of the speakerphone. Distant, garbled words and distracting noises made hearing the tournament results nearly impossible. Because of this difficultly, we normally just wait for a text message or phone call after the ceremony. No image, no interaction, just anticipating the news report when it’s all over. Wouldn’t it be neat if there were a way to somehow be there (without actually being there); to be able to watch the event live, maybe even interact digitally as it happens? There is a way to do just that: It’s called live streaming.

Live streaming video enables video, whether of an event, lecture, conference, (etc.) to be broadcasted (that is, webcasted) to anywhere on the planet (provided there’s a computer and internet) instantaneously. People “tuning-in” to the webcast can even interact via chat boxes and social media. The potentialities and possibilities of this technological tool-set are numerous and vast. Just as previous inventions have revolutionized the world, so too video streaming will, and is today. Filmmakers, web developers, and anyone who works in the media business have a vested interest in this. Streaming is transforming the way that films and television are distributed to audiences, as witness the rise of services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Apple TV. But this is not a service that is limited to those corporations or Hollywood honchos. This is something that can – and should – be used by as many individuals, groups, companies, and organizations as need it (see: “Benefits of Streaming and Webcasting Events”).

Just as the printing press allowed for written material to be dispersed to larger audiences, giving writers the influence to change the world, video streaming – the Gutenberg of our times – gives one the ability to reach people, to work with greater flexibility, liberty and ease, and in the long run, to affect change through streamed media content. That’s why at e3 Webcasting we are dedicated to “changing the world one webcast at a time.”

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