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The e3 Webcasting Story

We are often asked about the origins of our unique company name. Our name was strategically chosen, after hearing a speech by one of our family’s favorite conference speakers, on the life and vision of Dr. David Livingstone, the renowned missionary to Africa.

David Livingstone was an interesting man, not a perfect man, but he was a man who had a strong and powerful vision. “If you want to know what my life is about,” Dr. Livingstone said, “it’s about these three things; evangelism, emancipation and exploration.” That is exactly what David Livingstone did with his life and those are the three “E’s” of e3 Webcasting; evangelism, emancipation and exploration. From these three “E’s” comes the e3 Webcasting slogan, “Changing the world, one webcast at time.”

By focusing his life mission on the three “E’s”, Dr. Livingstone was able to accomplish much for the Kingdom of God. In approximately 1862, while trying to move up the Ruvuma River, continually delayed by mechanical failure and deserted by his travel companions, Dr. Livingstone uttered one of his most famous quotes, “I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.” Inspired by Dr. Livingstone, we are prepared to go anywhere to stream video to audiences around the world bringing them the story of redemption, freedom and dominion.

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